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The Benefits of a Hotel Staycation in Arizona

The Benefits of a Hotel Staycation in Arizona

Whether you are bored with your day-to-day routine, overwhelmed with work or want a change of scenery for a few days, hotels in Arizona are perfect staycation destinations. With their increased popularity in recent years, there are now more options than ever before to get away, close to home. If you are new to the idea of a staycation, they have several benefits that make them an attractive alternative to a traditional vacation.


Due to the economic uncertainty of the last decade, many people look for ways to cut expenses without compromising their lifestyle. Resorts in Arizona are cost-effective as you don’t need to book airline tickets, arrange for transportation or eat expensive meals. At Apache Gold Casino Resort you can enjoy spacious hotel rooms with scenic mountain views, or stay closer to the awe-inspiring landscapes with dramatic sunsets over craggy mountains and enjoy casino camping in your RV.

Quick Prep Time

Getting ready for a traditional vacation can be stressful. You want to make sure you pack for any and every occasion, which often results in overweight baggage. Then there are the niggling details, such as do you have enough cash? Did you remember to lock the door when you left the house?

With an Arizona staycation, all you have to do is throw a few of your favorite outfits in your travel bag and go. The same afternoon you leave home, you can be lounging by the pool, relaxing on the balcony in your Jacuzzi suite or unwinding on the golf course.


As much fun as it is to hop a flight and go to an exotic destination or drive cross country, it isn’t good for the environment. Staying at resorts in Arizona means you can keep your carbon footprint smaller as there’s no flying involved and who doesn’t love a trip when you can skip the jetlag.

When you stay at a resort, you’re more likely to kick back and relax on-site. Less driving means fewer emissions, which is also good for the planet. Apache Stronghold offers golfers a challenging course with natural desert features such as rugged bunkers, washes, and rolling topography. The higher elevation means it is cooler than the Phoenix valley during the summer, yet still has mild winter weather.

Support the Local Economy

If you’re a fan of Small Business Saturday and buying local, hotels in Arizona are a perfect opportunity to support your economy. Explore the classic western boomtowns of Miami and Globe, Arizona. Enjoy hiking trails through the wild desert landscape, raft down the river and visit the largest botanical garden in Arizona. At the end of the day, return to your personal haven at the Apache Gold Casino Resort.

Relaxing Arizona Staycation

Enjoy the benefits of a vacation without the stress or expense. Experience the thrill of the new Apache Gold Casino slot and table games or get reacquainted with your tried and true favorites. Celebrate a special occasion at the Apache Prime Steakhouse. We use the freshest ingredients and add our own flair for a unique dining experience.

The Wickiup Buffet offers a different themed menu every night, and the Black River Grill offers casual dining in a comforting atmosphere.

Check out the entertainment, live music or grab a late-night snack at the Point Sports Bar and Grill. Gather around the big screens on game day, play a game of pool and check out our extensive list of craft beer and specialty cocktails. The San Carlos Event Center hosts concerts featuring top contemporary artists, rodeo and other events throughout the year.

Apache Gold Casino Resort is the perfect location for an escape from life’s hectic pace. We’re far enough away to get out of the Phoenix Valley and have new adventures, but close enough for a quick getaway. See the area sights or decompress at the resort for a restful stay.


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