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Event Center in San Carlos, Arizona

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Reimagine Your Event at the San Carlos Event Center.

The San Carlos Event Center is the perfect location for your next event. Our spacious center can accommodate any event — from top-level business events, large corporate functions, and industry trade shows, to sporting events, indoor concerts, and much more! Got an event idea that you want to bring to life?

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Facility Information

• Rodeo Arena Dimensions: TBA
• Indoor Stage Dimensions: 57.5′ x 24′
• North Side Seating Capacity: 490
• South Side Seating Capacity: 606
• Total Seating Capacity: 1,096
• 300 Stalls (Uncovered & Covered)
• Bucking Chutes

• Roping Chutes
• Outdoor Arena
• Outdoor Crow’s Nest
• Powered Outlets
• Restrooms
• Speaker/Sound System
• 500+ Covered Seating


Are you looking for a place to hold an event in Arizona, Phoenix? Make your event memorable at our event center, which offers an ideal atmosphere for event venues, from indoor concerts to fundraisers and stock shows. Enhance your experience with our hotel accommodations and diverse dining choices. Keep reading to learn more about all the different events you can plant at the San Carlos Event Center at Apache Gold Casino

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Corporate & Business Event Space Rentals

Our event center rentals cover your business and personal event needs, helping to create the right atmosphere for your events.

At Apache Gold Casino, we provide ideal and spacious rentals that create the perfect balance for all your needs to enable your audience to enjoy the experience. With our powered outlets throughout the area and a functional sound system, we are prepared for any audio/visual presentation you have. The platform stage is available for presentations and performances. 

Concert Venue Rental

When organizing a concert, one faces many decisions, but choosing the right location and venue is one thing that will have a significant impact on your show. Everything from the attendee’s experience to the concert date depends on your event center. 

You shouldn’t feel like preparing for a concert is challenging. With plenty of spacious rental space, our event center is ideal for musical events. With excellent lighting and a tranquil setting, your show will be one your guests are sure to remember.

Whether it is a backyard band, house shows, or full-on concerts, whatever the concert, we have spaces that fill all your needs while looking at your budget.

Rodeo Space Rental

Are you looking to host your next rodeo event? Our rodeo space rental is available all year round and is spacious enough for any event, including the circus. We offer over 300 stalls (covered and uncovered), bucking chutes, and roping chutes.

The arena has sound ventilation systems, doors, windows, and insulation. It also has a large crow’s nest and a magnificent rodeo office for announcers and secretaries. Additionally, the riding area is large enough for circus events with plenty of seating capacity.

Other features of the rodeo space rental are:

• ample parking
• restrooms within the building
• an office area with a phone line is available
• a state-of-the-art sound system

Live Event Space Rental

Our event center is perfect for large gatherings, including private events. The rental has audiovisual equipment that saves you from the hassles of finding one in Phoenix. From dance competitions to graduations, our event center provides the perfect setting for intimate events. The San Carlos Event Center has everything you need to fulfill all your event rental needs conveniently and easily and its only an hour’s drive from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, and Apache Junction.

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Liability Waiver

Before you ride at the San Carlos Event Center, you will need to complete a liability waiver. We want you to have the most enjoyable time at our facility but equines do pose a risk to the rider and this form is a requirement, no exceptions.

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