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Live Music

Not everyone who visits casinos wants to spend all their time gambling. Some want to listen to live music while others want to dance the night away to a DJ. At Apache Gold Casino, we offer a wide selection of entertainment besides what goes on in the table and slot areas. Whether you visit us specifically for our casino concerts or you are just looking for a break from your evening, we look forward to keeping your toes tapping.

The Thrill of Live Concerts

Music provides benefits for many people, but live music is special in that it can provide numerous benefits to both body and mind. Some of the benefits include:

  • Potential pain reliever – listening to music can have a significant analgesic effect because the energy helps release endorphins which help block pain signals.
  • Stress reliever – attending a concert can help decrease respiratory rate, blood pressure, and heart rate, and it may help reduce the release of stress hormones such as cortisol, norepinephrine, and adrenalin.
  • Life reflection – when you listen to singers or bands that remind you of certain times in your life, you are able to relive both good and bad emotions, which can be therapeutic.
  • Connects you with others – when you enjoy live music with others, you create a sense of community and connection
  • Improvement in physical and mental well-being – if you are really involved with the music, you are probably dancing and jumping around, which burns calories and listening to live music has also been shown to increase one’s sense of well-being.

San Carlos Event Center Casino Concerts

When you are looking for a high-energy and engaging live music concert, look no further than the San Carlos Event Center at the casino. This venue hosts a number of entertainment events such as pow wows and rodeos, but it also is the place to be for live concerts.

Because our guests have a variety of interests, our concert offerings range from modern bands to rappers to old-school country. Make it the perfect night by enjoying a nice steak at the Apache Prime Steakhouse before a concert.

Live Music at the Point Sports Bar

Are you in the mood for live music but not in the mood for a large, noisy concert? Check out our Point Sports Bar, which offers independent performances and smaller bands on a regular basis. Chill with a cocktail or play a round of pool while you enjoy good music.

Let Us Entertain You

We want our casino to be a full-service resort, and this includes offering a variety of live music and entertainers. Make it a weekend, or just visit us for a date night, and enjoy our casino concerts, great restaurants, and luxury lodging only 1-hour drive from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Gilbert.

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