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Benefits of Having an Outdoor Wedding in Arizona

outdoor wedding in AZ

When it is time to plan your wedding, you want nothing less than perfection. When your guests arrive, you want them to gasp at the beauty of your venue even before they stand speechless at the breathtaking vision of you coming down the aisle. You want your wedding and reception to be relaxed, joyous and memorable. You want an outdoor wedding at the Apache Gold Casino.

There are many benefits to outside wedding venues, and many more when that venue is Apache Gold Casino:


Frequently with indoor weddings, space is limited. With an outdoor wedding, space is generally more flexible and allows for guests to spread out and move around. Antsy children can easily move around to burn off excess energy without being disruptive.


Most outdoor wedding venues are there to take advantage of the surrounding views. Situated at the edge of the Tonto National Forest and amid the ruggedly beautiful Arizona desert, Apache Summit Weddings offers the perfect backdrop for your wedding. It is hard to top the majesty of forest and mountain views in the distance.


There is no need to decorate the space when natural beauty is all around. No need to reserve birds to be released at the end of your vows, like hawks, eagles and more fly freely against a brilliant sky. The soft breezes provide the perfect natural symphony as an accompaniment to wedding processional music.


There is nothing more flattering to a bride than natural light. Whether it is golden sunshine or a painted desert sky at sunset, you can be sure you are in the perfect light. No need to have anyone controlling the lighting when you have an outside wedding.


There is something about being outside, even for a formal event, that puts people at ease. It elevates an already joy-filled occasion, making it lighter, more romantic and even more special. The endless ceiling above, natural shadows and light and the gentle sounds of the nearby forest or the desert at sunset add to the romantic atmosphere.


Another benefit of outside wedding venues is the cost. Fewer flowers, more flexible seating options and no need for decorations at the ends of the pews all add up to savings for your ceremony and your reception. Take advantage of nature as the perfect decoration for both the vows and the party after.

Benefits of an Outdoor Wedding at Apache Gold Casino

If the views weren’t enough, with Apache Sky Weddings, you get the benefit of all the fantastic amenities, as well:


At Apache Gold Casino and Apache Summit Weddings, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to occupy family and friends during wedding preparations. There is a world-class casino, sightseeing tours, golfing and more.


You can take “finding hotels for guests” off your to-do list when you plan a wedding at Apache Gold Casino. Their luxurious on-site hotel makes keeping your friends and family close to the wedding activities a breeze.

Fine Dining

With four restaurants on the grounds from casual meals to fine dining, there are plenty of choices for every taste. The ability to have your rehearsal dinner or reception dinner on location makes planning so much more convenient.


Whether you need help planning your wedding, greeting your guests or planning outings and sightseeing tours for your guests, your every need is attended to with the friendly, experienced and professional staff.

When it is time to plan your wedding, plan an outdoor wedding. If you want the most picturesque and romantic choice of outdoor wedding venues, contact the wedding consultants at Apache Summit Weddings today

Image Credit: Sergio Souza/Pexels

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