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4 Tips For Planning a Golf Trip

planning a golf trip

Have a Trustworthy Planner

Too many leaders will prevent you from making progress, and valuable information can get lost in the mix. Pick one golf trip coordinator, and they can assign other duties if necessary. Start with basic info like:

  • Who is going
  • Preferred locations
  • Wishlist
  • Dates

Knowing how many people you are planning for is critical, as it can eliminate some options due to capacity and availability. Are there some preferred locations or wishlist items like sunny and dry climate or onsite restaurants that are requested? Nail down the dates by blocking out times that some of your party may not be able to travel, making sure to keep some flexibility in your schedule in case there are dates your preferred location is booked.

Once you’ve prepared your list, pay attention to the people you speak with. Do they offer suggestions or ask questions you haven’t thought of? Do they offer to help? One of the many factors that set Apache Gold Casino and Resort apart from the rest is the helpful and knowledgeable staff that can tell you about their golf trip packages. They understand what it takes to make a memorable golf trip.

Know What You Want in a Golf Course

It is essential to know the caliber of golfers that you are traveling with. If you are all at the same level, it makes things easier. However, if you have some players that are not as strong as the others, it is good to have multiple tees to accommodate many levels. You’ll want to know that the course is enjoyable to play on in the heat of the day.

Other factors to consider are green fees and availability. Some courses have exorbitant green fees, making it unreachable for everyone but the uber-wealthy. Some courses are only available during a few

months of the year and have limited options for tee times. Apache Stronghold has been ranked as one of the top golf courses in Arizona by Golfweek magazine, offering:

  • Five tees for a variety of proficiencies and experience
  • 3,200-foot elevation makes it cooler during the day than the surrounding areas
  • Reasonable green fees
  • Year-round availability
  • Challenging terrain

Book Where There Is Onsite Lodging

When you are taking a golf trip, the idea is to play as much golf as you can close to your hotel. Whether you have a very early or late tee time or you want to take a break after the first 18 holes of the day, having a hotel and golf course on-site is a smart choice. At Apache Gold Hotel, you can take a swim before you tackle the next 18 holes or relax in the Jacuzzi tub in your room after playing 36 holes. Apache Gold Hotel is ranked as the best hotel in San Carlos by TripAdvisor and the top pick for hotels in San Carlos by Luxury Hotels Guide.

Look for Other Amenities

If you are traveling with others who don’t play golf, the other amenities offered are even more important than just for your golf buddies. Some of the attractive bonuses of booking your stay at Apache Gold Resort and Casino are four restaurants that offer everything from quick snacks to fine dining. There is a world-class casino offering slots, table games and more. There are frequent events at the casino, as well as live music. Talk to the helpful staff about the many site-seeing tours available.

Contact Apache Gold Resort and Casino today to find out more and to book one of their golf trip packages.

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